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Conclusion It is well-grounded to believe that introducing Congressional term limits would be a step forward to decrease meritocracy. This statement can be well applied when it comes to the members of Congress. What one can agree with is that term limiting may be not the only choice to bring along reforms.

Committee on the Judiciary. Opponents argue that limits already exist in the form of the electoral process. The opponents further argue that the past politicians in history had other careers and could thus be limited as to the number of terms they served.

In addition, term limits are undemocratic and go against the basic principles of democracy by not giving the people the power to make decisions on their own. As well, term limits would be beneficial for the congressmen giving them an opportunity to see the real world beyond the congressman chair.

The six states that had term limits have had them repealed by either the state legislature or the state supreme court. Congressional inequalities prevent effective and necessary actions by frank politicians who are willing to perform their duties and aid those who are willing to get rich off their positions.

As a result, limiting terms and electing new people would cause the legislature to be less effective and simply deprive the Congress and the country of its best legislators. In conclusion term limits may not be the complete answer for the problems in congress, but they sure are a piece of the puzzle to put the government back in to the hands of the voters or people of the United States.

Since legislators will be serving a limited time, it is more likely that they will adhere to the desires of their constituents since they will soon be returning to live among them. Furthermore, absence of long- term incumbents would strengthen employees of federal administrative agencies.

In Congress, all members are supposedly equal, yet it is quite obvious that some are more equal than others. It should not be a career for only the few people that have studied political science in class. Arguing that their jobs will be permanently lost is therefore not a valid reason.

Congressional term limits

So a cycle is created wherein career politicians are more likely to get elected thereby encouraging politicians to become careerists. Limiting the term of congress members may work to counter the established hierarchy and inequality among politicians.

The opponents of term limitation have always cried foul over this treatment based on the assumption that the seasoned lawmakers have a disconnect with the people they represent.

Finally, indeed setting term limits would, if not illuminate, but decrease the power of personal ties created by congressmen during their time in office. In addition, there are many career politicians who are in the congress and they would be pushed out of the job market if the laws came into force.

There is also no evidence to show that the more experienced members have any added value over the new entrants in the congress. Critics argue that there is considerable turnover at each election without the imposition of term limits, and that talented people will not seek office unless their political career possibilities are long-term Serving in the congress is a temporary assignment bestowed upon an individual that the constituents deem fit to represent their agenda.

Current Congress people want reform to rather than term limits to give the people the choice back. Over the past years, there have been various attempts to introduce term limits but all have turned futile. In the US House of Representatives, members have a term of two years and there is also no limit as to the number of terms that an individual may seek reelection.

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When somewhere near seventy-five percent of a population supports an initiative, it would seem to be good government that would support it.

Essentially, limiting the congressional terms would punish the performing members for evils committed by nonperforming members. That is a reality, though it is not really an issue.

State approval should not be much of an issue, but the votes in Congress would be, since most of the congress people are close to if not already career politicians and would not vote in something that would stop the flow of money or kill a career.

Such bureaucracy would weaken their ability to employ critical and independent judgment over it and over other questions in general. Many American citizens have approved term limits for Congressmen, moreover many states and hundreds of cities and counties across the United States have adopted term limits for state and local officials.

Rather, most are voted in due to being relatively better compared to the others. The movement to limit political terms and thus political power has been steamrolling through American politics for years.

In general incumbents tend to obtain much more resources for campaigns than challengers. Essentially, imposing term limits on members of the congress would be a plus ion the fight against corruption and impunity in the country. The debate about experience and the lack of the same if the term limits are executed can perfectly be countered through the various corruptions that the members are involved in.

Research Essay. Congressional Term Limits: Promoting Choice or Restricting Choice

This is just a small part of the term limit argument and there needs to be more work done in the states to try and get the right combination put together before we try to enact a movement to get an amendment passed.

But when that initiative infringes on the length of time a member may serve in Congress it becomes a conflict of interest that is unlikely to be passed. Term limits would eliminate incentives for careerism and by this would hold back re-election-oriented federal-spending which is targeted at particular districts but contributes little to the general wellbeing of the country.

Term Limits for Congress Essay

The longest member of the Senate served for 51 years while the longest serving member in the House stayed for 53 years [1]. It is all but impossible for challengers to win against incumbents in the race for Congressional seats.

Essay on Congress And The Change In Term Limits Words | 7 Pages. Congress and The Change in Term Limits Infor the first time in 40 years, Congress was drastically changed. The Democratic majority was uprooted and new, lively, freshmen were instated with a job to undertake. Essay about U.S.

Congressional Term Limits. Term limits can restore the voice of the people in Congress, by ending the era of the “career” politician, and stop the abuse of power. or ecclesiastical benefice, or 2) one that occupies a particular position or place.

They go on to give examples, such as, because the statehouse now. Essay Term Limits For Legislators When the Constitution of the United States was adopted init was without direction regarding term limits for legislators. At the time, professional politicians were unheard of, and the idea of someone serving for more than one or two terms was unlikely.

Anti-Federalists and Term Limits Essay [Year] Anti-Federalists and If Congress has term limits in place, their power will also be limited. Candidates will be more likely to run for the purpose of serving the people, and they would have to leave office before corruption dominates their decisions.

Another consequence of unlimited Congressional term is the over-spending that is done by Cited: Priest, Dana. "Voters in Several States Want Term Limits." Washington Post (): A3.

Newspaper. Siefman, David. "Paladino calls Steve Levy 'pretty boy ' slaps Bloomberg on term limits." New York Post (April ): D4. Print. Essay on Congress And The Change In Term Limits Words | 7 Pages. Congress and The Change in Term Limits Infor the first time in 40 years, Congress was drastically changed.

The Democratic majority was uprooted and new, lively, freshmen were instated with a job to undertake.

Term limits for congress essay example
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